Thursday, March 01, 2007

young 'uns - our sweetest blessing!

Thursday, March 01, 2007
i felt a twinge of ... nostalgia ... for the little boy that once animated my now-21 year old son, as i counted the dinosaur-type stuff in the science world gift shop early this morning. logan had this absolute passion for dinosaurs. absolute. and ... counting all the games, figurines, plushies, etc ... reminded me how much fun an 8, 9, 10 year-old boy can be. and what a handful! and ... all those questions asked! that insatiable curiousity. like - going on safari each and every moment of each and every day. what a joy and a blessing children are ... not just to their parents ... but to civilization as a whole. and ... (mostly to their parents) what teachers, too! oh - the lessons learned! i treasure each and every one!

logan is 3-and-a-half years old in this pic.
(check out that hair! lol)

here are some beautiful pics i found ...
and hadda share with y'all. ENJOY!

yes - its a tiger cub with a couple of baby orangutans!

doesn't it look like they're havin' fun?
don't you just want to pick them up
and squeeze them? (uh-huh!!)

simply ... adorable ...

PS - still working on the silver harbour story ...
just so ya know (i haven't forgotten!)

EDIT 3.3.7 - just after i published this post ... logan showed up @ my door, with a much prayed for and desperately needed gift (the green stuff - $). what a son i have, who lives so simply (like a yogi) so he can share more with others.

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5 comments: said...

pathetic tho it may seem ... i am making this comment b/c ... well ... i wanna see @ least one comment on this post. and so ... here it is. my one comment.

well, i like the cute pics ... i am trying to stay sweet and un-funk-ed in the face of all around me ... who appear to have a good bout of the funked-out blues.

i am never sure - since i feel everything and everyone around me - of much i feel is my own, and how much is from what's around me.

so many - in the blogosphere and in my everyday life - appear to be feeling the emotional/spiritual analogue of the 40 days/40 nights in the desert. it weighs on my spirit just a little.

i have a story forming in my head ... a story of a mum who loses her young son in a car crash. an image of a single, tiny shoe, laying forlorn in the middle of the road ... and the sound - the unreal, hellish sound of this mother shrieking ... some animalistic, soul-screeching cry. another image - of a desperate mother, wishing in that moment she could give her soul, instead, and pressing that lifeless, elfin body again her breast.

that is the story that lives in my heart these days. strange, the stories that lurk inside of us.

wishing you all peace and love.

Infinitesimal said...


(the edit)

AND the wee little monkeys

AND the boy in coveralls

but not the funk or the single shoe

Infinitesimal said...

why is it that people do not comment on certain posts anyway?

it's weird, huh?

Infinitesimal said...

there, now you have 4

In your face BLOGGAZ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! said...

wierd about the commenting, huh? oh well ... hey i got zee package today! yeaaay! thanx, girl!