Wednesday, March 28, 2007


Wednesday, March 28, 2007
i just googled my maiden name.
found out its persian
for "word of god" or "divine command."
no, i'm not persian.
amused, rather.

i am so excited.
i get to sleep in my bed
for the first time in six months
in a matter of days.
my family will be reunited
for the first time in 2 years.

i will see martin tomorrow evening.
i want to see that look of surprise
on his face.
can't wait.

EDIT: something of interest ... it really deserves its own blog post. but for now .... read this. i laughed (quietly) out loud when i read some key sentences in this article. i will not say more. just read all about how religion DOES NOT necessarily make humans better people. haha. now that amuses me. greatly!

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Infinitesimal said...

not really sure what this whitehorse thing is?
a job? gone bad?

hey, maybe you ARE persian??

well, you KNOW what my last name means in any language

things are sleepy

so low on energy it's hard to write about

it's scary actually

i used to be hyper active
and now i am sloth-girl

getting my thyroid checked.
not a hypochondriac, just really hoping that's all it is... said...

yes - job gone bad.

naw ... not persian.

low energy. maybe its the weather ... or ?? or maybe it is the thyroid. before my low thyroid got treated i felt absolutely tired to the bone. like - low energy alright.

well sloth girl, this moving thing and this job gone bad thing have made me excited and giddy.

Infinitesimal said...

i am confused i guess, i missed something cause i thought you were working at home depot.

i am pretty sure it is my thyroid.

even my mom (MD) is convinced.

go to the doctor in about two weeks I think, better check my dayplanner and see! said...

the company i worked for was an inventory company ... we worked in all the big stores, including that one.

i have left them all in my dust. got no use for exploitive employers. not when there's a general shortage of workers here in vancouver!

it sounds like thyroid. don't delay too long ... enjoy your weekend.

the move's almost done ... just a few more little details. *whew*

(portable, wireless internet is great, so great!)

Infinitesimal said...

what size skirt are you?

i am having a crummy day sorts

been working out like a big dog and it seems to get me nowhere...

apparently this thyroid business runs on both sides of my family.

great... glad i am the last to know!

whatever, then there is the issue of some fucknob trying to get remote access to my computer.

like i am not the brightest star in the sky, but i know when i am being tapped!

he/she tried to bookmark my bankwebsite today and so while i was in midscroll it shut down and rerouted me saying i should bookmark the homepage for login instead. I was like: I did not bookmark anything!!

and there are other signs too. I hate people.,..

so what size skirt are you dear?