Friday, March 09, 2007

tree of dreams

Friday, March 09, 2007
All the little pieces of life, seemingly unimportant, gradually lead to a realization of truth. it is rarely a singular event that leads us to truth. instead, its rather like a circle made up of small experiences. power is found in the center . you must circle power in order to find it and bring yourself to the center, to the essence of what you are trying to learn.

[the sharp edge of wisdom can sometimes cut to the bone. the lessons of such wisdom] do not always seem obvious, and as is so often the case with anything meaningful, they are sometimes difficult or painful to learn...the process of learning in this life [never ends...vulnerability allows truth to exist completely.]

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the above -- its an excerpt from a new book i picked up, serendipitously, @ book warehouse this afternoon: tree of dreams, by lynn andrews. its a spiritual book, and in it, the author draws a parallel between the life cycle of a tree and one's own life. just some of the section titles include: when the trees make their leaves; when the trees blossom; when the leaves turn gold; when the when all the leaves have fallen and the trees begin their winter dreams.

i can hardly wait to sink into the foliage this book appears to offer.

i will let you know .... what its all about ... when i have finished.

still working on writing letters that need to go with the packages i am sending out to a couple of you. still owe a few of you emails. still working on my silver harbour post. and some other posts that i have scratched down in the little pink book i carry with me everywhere. physical energy level felt low today. but spirit soaring sensibly in the sweet and sometimes infinitesimal splendor of life. wishing i was closer to most of you. close enuf to sink into your couches, and share a mug of hot cocoa while just hanging out.

enjoy the weekend, y'all!

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Anonymous said...

i really enjoy travelling this journey with you. you were always a good writer but theres been a shift in sensibility that i like and seems to bring much more poetry to the words. no "velvet" doesnt need to tape over her mouth, but the sweet doe's voice tempers the tempest. ( btw i love that little doe image...a painting!) funny to see her as i draw stags

of course the image in this post reminds me of you know who.......ardliar!

you have inspired me to study my computer stuff in the evenings instead of sinking into passive tv watching. i am playing with photoshop brushes...i always did the photochops but more making art with the tools. just playing around making non objective paintings.

i too wish we were having cocoa, working on our respective macs. being creative and riffing off each other and having some of grandmothers mac n cheese the uber food of comfort.

i hope you have a great weekend!

-chickory said...

the journey we walk together ... has been such a joy for me, as well. i had not even thought of the bench and ardlair when i chose this pic. haha. but ... it does seem fitting.

one day ... i dream it will happen. that we will be, as you describe. and that i will get to give trout an earscratch or two.

wishing you a joyful and seren weekend.

Anonymous said...

hahaha-at last i catch up with you. youv'e had a few reincarnations in teh bloggo world.

nice to see you.

that book you write of- sounds intriguing.

i am pondering changes. maybe it's time for a new identiy in the blogoshpere - a new perspective.

except, i carry who i am everyhwere i go. how to discard?


flap/flap/swoosh said...

bird. flap flap. haha - yes i am the reincarnated blogger, i guess you could say.

about change. a necessary and somewhat uncomfortable consequence of living. indeed, we do carry ourselves with us, even as we change. i find, when i change, it is not so much a change, per se, as it is a discovery of some previously unknown element of myself.

i have noticed of late several of us in the blogosphere have overhauled, or changed, or reincarnated.

sometimes an asthetic change is needed to reinvigorate oneself. like - a new look ... maybe even a new alias (tho i do like the bird ... they are magical, fascinating creatures). i think the asthetic part of blogging (ie how the blog looks to others and self) is also a form of expression.

i am happy to help if you want - you know, to get a new look. i'm just a comment or an email away.

enjoy your weekend, my feathered friend.