Sunday, March 11, 2007

pink blossoms @ nite

Sunday, March 11, 2007
picture moved to my new foto blog

taken saturday nite,
in the vancouver art gallery 'park' -
near the olympic clock

it was raining.
the blossoms looked lush.
its still raining.
and - they still do.
it will rain here for days.
i am keepin' on the sunny side.
just like june carter says.

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Anonymous said...

thats right june! enjoy the rain we are so dry FIRES get dangerous fast! haha. pretty photo red. im off to your digital art site. are we living in a paralell universe or what???

-chickory said...

i think of you alot. i think we are. or, perhaps are spirits are twinned.

go way back to the beginning of the dig art site to see it. the latest stuff really belongs in that foto/vidio blog i think of starting.

i need to goof off with my GIMP brushes and make a 'non-objective' piece. ha.

luv ya. doan pway wif matches, k?

[and ... hey ... i like a hotdog, now and then, but, not that kind! grrrrherherhehe]