Tuesday, March 27, 2007


Tuesday, March 27, 2007
[1.] two families - one of them a 60-something yr old couple - lost their houses and all possession inside to a landslide in mission, bc. as a result of our latest deluge rain, coupled with the fact that natural springs run in that land underneath the houses, the houses became dangerously perched on the precipice behind their properties - overlooking a creek - when their foundations gave way. residents did not regain access to their homes to retrieve any possessions. insurance does not cover acts of nature. the houses got torn down, while their owners watched, helplessly. the main who operated the construction thingy that destroyed the homes felt .... saddened that he hadda trash someone's home.

[2.] seven years ago a man lost his wife - 7 months pregnant - when her car got rear ended by some man driving @ over 120 kph. a 7 month pregnant woman, killed en route to shopping for her unborn baby. ironic. and cruel. the man who killed the woman? alive and well. and epileptic that lied about his seizures to get his revoked driver's license back.

[3.] princes harry and william may have the world as their oyster. but they have no diana. i wonder why that reporter/photographer was surprised at harry's reaction to the latest intrusion, given the paparazzi's involvement in their mother's death. i wonder if sick paparazzi curiosity will destroy these two, also.

[4.] baby dannie-lynn may be one rich little girl, but she just lost her family. and her mother, who wanted so much to be like norma jean baker, died from an accidental OD of exactly the same drug that killed norma jean. chloral hydrate.

sooooo ... ? what's the point here?

be careful what you wish for ... its really best not to complain. because, when you think about it ... we got nuthin' to complain about. NUTHIN'. its time the world started to see itself in positive language and perspective. like -- don't tell me what you can't do ... don't like ... wish you could change ... tell me what you can do ... do like ... and what you CAN change.

and .... wanting?
as in the covetous sort of want
that makes a human
spiteful and jealous?

its the worse sort of complaining.

get your FREE complaint free bracelet here.

the idea being, ya wear the bracelet on the same wrist for 21 days (apparently that;s how long it takes for humans to form a habit) and whenever you notice yourself about to complaint or complaining you move the bracelet to the other wrist and start your 21 days over again. the aim's to wear it without changing wrist for 21 days in a row. to change a person's thinking perspective ... and hopefully make said person complaint free.

interesting huh? i know this sort of stuff works. martin always has coached me to use positive-oriented language (ie avoid use of not, don't, can't in favour of language with more positive connotations). it changes one's thinking ... to have to change the way one articulates oneself.

try it. just .... reach out and try it! i dare you. i will.

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Infinitesimal said...

very interesting


Paul said...

Complaining doesn't help - that's true, but it can be a tough one to fully internalize, at least speaking personally. But even when you really do have something bad going on, it just seems to add to the burden, especially if you go on and on with the complaining.

the.red.mantissa said...

infini - yes, interesting. i like it.

paul - i think what you've said goes to the heart of the matter. this process speaks to a complete transformation in how one sees their world, and themselves in it.

its a thinking process or framework that must be adopted, i think. and i think it involves converting any potential complaints into positives, somehow. or screening ... as in asking oneself 'do i need to articulate this? is their some point to it? or am i just venting negative energy?'

i think this is no new idea. the serenity prayer, and JFK's famous line (the "ask not what your country can do for you ..." line) speak to this. also .... i remember hearing often as a young child - 'if ya got nuthin nice to say, say nuthin' ... all the same concept.

the more i reflect on it ...the more i witness suffering in the world, the more i hear seeming ungrateful, incessant complainers/nasty people, the more i am convinced this complaint free thing's just the medicine individuals need to get themselves outta that negativity funk.

i think we are much too isolated and wrapped up in our own minutia to see there is an entire world in motion all around us. and we are in motion too. its amazing, when one separates oneself from all the negative, self-piteous funk what a difference it makes to the mind, spirit, body.