Tuesday, March 13, 2007

the cactus and the rain

Tuesday, March 13, 2007
asleep, i say to you,
let your dreams wake you up enough

for you to see
how the dreams can heat you

some truth in the unconscious
waiting to be understood

repeats itself in code,
cycles through your being

here to tell you
here to teach you

something you need
to know

~jack crimmins~

i am tired. feeling like those boxing gloves that time and the elements have deflated, somewhat. the doe cannot sleep. something keeps her awake @ nights. and prevents her from assuming a truly peace-filled rest. the doe wants the red coyote to leave her dreams. it feels cold here. the sun shines about three times a day. but, alas! she teases us - gives us only a mild taste of her warmth and only for a few minutes @ a time.

i am down to my last umbrella. i started out this winter with three! well, @ least my shoes are waterproof. i miss the sun. i think i have season affective disorder. in about a month's time i will have reached the completion point of the first quarter of my course. [its another brick in the wall, anyway]. i have to find a place this week. i do not feel like it. i feel like curling up with a book, some popcorn some hot chocolate and the remote control and just getting square eyes watching TV.

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Infinitesimal said...

that's what I been doing

watching dvd's

next up?

my super exgirlfriend

oh yeah

Lady Prism said...

got some things to do too...but would rather not...sigh..

the.red.mantissa said...

hey you too - i have felt that way all week. *sigh* would rather just cosy up and ignore the world!