Monday, March 26, 2007

treasures from AP

Monday, March 26, 2007
some candy for your eyes
and some food for your mind, spirit, soul
on this monday morning --
the first monday of spring 2007? really?
(honestly -- wow)

8love to y'all!7
psssst - have place and all moving arrangements secured.
moving friday
how relieved do you think i am? [*WHEW!*]
the best part?
moving takes place while i am in whitehorse
i can hardly wait to sleep in MY OWN BED!!!
[it has been ..... almost 5 months and my lumbar spine's feelin' it!]
and .... the sad part?
leaving my precious little pigeon friend, winnie =8^((

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K9 said...

/bark bark bark

red i used to look at a map and say where do i want to live. and i would pick whitehorse! what a great name. im not kidding. whitehorse. is it as cool as it sounds? frontier like in my mind.

did you see planet earth on TV last night? the high def program thats got all the rare footage. it was great.

so glad for your moving relief.

/grrr said...

i have never been there. its in the yukon - which is one of canada's northern territories. the website looks cool. its wild. its frontier-type country.

missed the show about earth ... blah - work :^( ... i don't think we can get it up here ... that series not released here, yet? that's what the discover website says ... wierd.