Monday, March 26, 2007

smiling heart

Monday, March 26, 2007
i will miss a little brown pigeon. really miss her.

i am tired.

once again, we are moving in my absence. martin - left to move the furniture and boxes without me.

i am thinking about a lot of dear people - so many different aspects of different lives of those i love and cherish - all at once. its like a kaleidoscope - the kaleidoscope of life. it colours my days and blankets my nights. you are all with me, even in your absence. most especially in your absence.

i watched him walk down the hall this morning @ 0520 hours. knapsack on shoulder. the next time we see each other will likely be @ our new place. wow. neat.

i thought so many words ... potential words to put here. they just won't come out right now. i must write winnie's story. must. she came to the window sill. when i came home this afternoon @ 1500 hours, i found her perched on her sill, waiting. watching. she's unique-looking. lovely. smallish. fiesty. and i love her. she's a brown pigeon. with some mottles of white on her wings. and a dash of metallic, iridescent purple blended into her collar. and she's got a patch of apricot/tan on the top of her head. her legs and feet are red and lovely - as pigeon legs and feet go. she likes plain, stoneground corn tortilla chips. she also likes tiny pieces of fresh bread. and she'll tolerate BBQ chip. but they're not her fave, fer shur!

just thinking of her makes my heart and soul smile.