Monday, March 19, 2007

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Monday, March 19, 2007
written 5.03.07 and not posted

a sane-looking man with white hair shouting out to the street about concentric circles and disappearance of the human race. the groaning and grinding of a diesel engine. a staccato melody only motor coach or new flyer would compose. the growl of a pepsi truck. the garish, brassy, high-pitched whine of construction machinery. constant. unyielding. for @ least 8 hours per day.

the brassy hue to this noise hurts the exposed nerves of my decaying molars. i run my tongue along the caps of said teeth - an attempt to soothe my dental viscera from the brutal, offensive jarring. my cerebral cortex feels clogged. so much sensory input. each molecule of space, infused with sound. no silence in which to bathe my weary axons and dendrites in my sacred solitary moments.

the temperature display says 21 degrees celcius on this day, @ 2.28.46 in the afternoon. i convince myself someone mixed up the 1 and the 2 and the temperature should read 12. i am wearing a scarf and my wool coat. and i still feel the chill. i cannot imagine its 21 degrees and i'm dressed like this!

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Paul said...

Appropos of nerve pain, imagine toothaches in your armpits that never quit and that often cause contacture of the muscles in your rib cage and pain shooting down your arm into your hand.

It's part of the world of my extensive peripheral neuropathy - just one feature of my undiagnosable condition.

I can one-up almost anyone when it comes to pain who isn't just about to die!

OK enough with the morbit humor. But I do find it helps.

Infinitesimal said...

thank you!

love sparkle
love pink
love ellies

love soft floral scarves

love friends who send surprises
just wanted to say thank you.

more soon, hope all is well, school is a crusher.

Anonymous said...

my burnt hand looks creepy roasted red...and the pain is still searing present...

pain all over the world...

hope you already feel better by the time you read this....

finger toasted Luxie doo' said...

paul - yikes! when i had severe radial nerve compression in my right arm - about 7 or 8 years ago, from carpal tunnel syndrome - i used to wake up in exCRUCiating pain in the middle of the night. nothing worked. except, of course surgery. i am a former nurse - a cancer/surgery/chemotherapy nurse - i know of what you speak. neuropathy sucks. gabapentin - that's what they give neuropathy sufferers. i will visit your blog soon.

infini - glad you like it!

luxie - poor girl! you need aloe vera, girlfriend! hugs to you .... stay outta trouble, will ya!? lol.