Wednesday, March 21, 2007

~a letter from india~

Wednesday, March 21, 2007
i received a letter from india late last week. its lovely and lengthy - just the way i like to receive a letter from a friend. this week's a crusher for me: quarter-point (of my studies) evaluation - a la major, mutherfriggin project! no kidding, the higher order thinking required to complete this by the deadline exhausts me. so - here to entertain you while i fuss with my school stuff - my friend, Anupam (an excerpt from his letter):

"Explosive growth of population, rapid industrialisation, and urbanisation. mindless annihilation of flora and foliage, pushing other species of life to the brinks of extinction -- where shall we stop? Perhaps not until we've ensured the demise of civilisation. Roxx, at times i feel that the modern epidemics like AIDS are cures from nature - her own way of counter-balancing population explosion. Science, perhaps, has given us knowledge, but took away wisdom. As a species we have gone insane, tirelessly running after material pleasure. i am not saying that spiritualism is the panacea to all our maladies. But to marginalise philosphy and humanities as disciplines in our pursuit to attain technological excellence will prove too costly."

i will let y'all chew on that one ... while i flutter and fuss. lemme know what ya think, @ least!

i thank y'all for your comments. i will address them all friday evening, when i can breathe again.

~EDIT: WHEW! first assignment - its done! i am takin a break now!

just posted some surrealish-weird pics here - so CHECK IT!

i will be back later ...~

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Infinitesimal said...

i think if you like the india music, send him the spare copy!

i also think slippery slope

and what a fun and lucky day, to get a letter

i think it is a rare thing, to have a friend with a brain

i also think that

scratch that

I KNOW that infatuation lasts EXACTLY 6 months

after that, a real friend is obvious.

this is a hypothesis that has been tested multiple times.

those are my thoughts


Mayden' s Voyage said...

Your friend's comment, "We have gained knowledge and lost wisdom" speaks powerfully to many areas in society. I will keep this in my head and heart today~
Fini's comment about infatuation lasting 6 months- and a real friend being obvious after that- was yet another bit of truth I need to ponder today.
I find myself on the "dirt end" of the see-saw in a significant least it was significant to me.
I may have to blog about this one-

Hugs friend. I am glad I got over to see you before you start reading on Friday night. I leave again on Wed- so my roller coaster month is not over yet- but it will end on a sunny beach in Florida with my childhood best friend.
She and I can hardly wait! :) said...

infini - wise. quite wise. infatuation, indeed its a strange thing. i think that part has passed. i wear the ring. it never will get displaced, misplaced, replaced.

a friend with a brain - they are so great, aren't they? and yes - a rare find.

mayden - sometimes friendship, the concept itself as applied to life - can seem so very fluid.

your childhood friend - you have made me think of mine, from whom i have gone far too many months without contact. i shall have to rectify that!

godspeed as you travel ... said...

re-read the comments ... thought some more ... here's some more thoughts for you both:

infini - you would like him. really. so intellectual. and does not think with a hard-on. know what i mean? i will send the disk. i just hope he gets it ... that it doesn't get ripped off by the indian mail service.


mayden - re: wisdom/knowledge - indeed, it does. those words struck me ... which is why i chose to share that paragraph (believe me, the entire letter is filled with such ... character).

regarding the mouthful of dirt you are tasting ... oftentimes i find the best course of action with a situation that upsets me, bothers me, irks me, is blog/write about it. it appears that whatever process i put to work to set the matter in writing, maybe some of the same required to work thru the matter.


re: friends with brains. that's what i like best about this blogging thing. that there is a higher that average concentration of people with brains that know how to use 'em! lol.

have a good weekend. if you see some sunshine, send it my way!