Wednesday, February 28, 2007

tuesday evening bells

Wednesday, February 28, 2007
it did not escape me that this .... metamorphosis my spirit appears to be moving toward ... commenced around the beginning of lent. it did not escape me. nor did it escape me that, mere moments after i arrived in the park, and took my seat on the concrete overlooking the pond .... that the cathedral bells began joyously chanting. chanting a vibrant light into the descending darkness. this did not escape me. each time i step out of the building, the first thing i see is the cathedral, and our lady perched up there, near the bell tower. i listen to the bells ... contemplate them. as though vessels that carry the our lady's sentiment ... wisdom ... to the four corners. one only need to reach out and grab a tendril ... savour a rich morsel ... of this energy.

and so i sat, as night unfurled its petals before my tired eyes. and i watched wilbur the goose (read about him here ... and here gracefully contort his neck. i stared deep into the black of his lovely swan-like neck. as i watched its thick sheen dance onto itself it made me think of a thick, plush, black velvet rope. the feathers of his dorsum glittered faintly, as though he'd mucked about in gold leaf and got most of it, not quite all of it off. the stippled brindle of each individual feather i found mezmerizing. as he flared his wings to jump into the pond, i held my breath. and then he gently floated away. sort of like a paper boat floats - effortlessly.

[still planning a "silver harbour - pt 2" post ... stay tuned]

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Lady Prism said...

yuuhuu! yuhuuu!...I saw it!..I saw it!!..oh' is lovely lovely lovely!!..Shucks I have no idea really how in the world to do something like that...and I have no idea how to attach that to me' header?....owwwww..heeeelp...

lovely lovely!!!

thank you thank you..It'll make my bloggy' look so..professionally cute...hee!hee! said...

glad you like it ... its colourful and full of flowers ... for the diva of colour and pretty things.

you have a few choices:
a) you can give me your login info, and then after i used it to install the header, you just change your password, (or you trust me ... ;^)...) or ...

b) you can invite me to your blog (in the permission section) and then when i accept ... you give me administrator permission so i can install the header for you and then when i'm done you remove me from your blog ... or

c) you can read the instructions in my nerd blog (hack.job)- they are a post or two back - on how to attempt it your self ... it involves 3 or 4 steps of mucking around in your style sheet and code part of template and then adding a page element.

your choice. but, i am happy to do it for you.

did you see mayden's blog. i installed hers tuesday afternoon. (psst - she just gave me her info.)

Anonymous said...

nice! oh boy gaining momentum! the little graces....the tiny blessings. apreciate them as you have so sweetly in this post and its like a snowball gaining mass.

keep on the sunny side always on the sunny side. its an attitude easier to maintain when you are outside more often!

and look at how much happiness you are bringing with your new found talent!!! i cant stop smiling.

-chickory said...

indeed, chickory ... i can now hear june carter cash's voice inside my head singin' ... 'keep on the sunny side ... always on the sunny side ...' haha.

Infinitesimal said...

i talked to my friend mark about sobriety, and he is following the idea too, i reminded him... we are halfway done with our lives you know... and the last quarter is not gonna be pretty either, might as well be sober for the remaining good years!

Lady Prism said...

oh' shucks..I can't trust myself to do the hack job myself...believe me...I'm gonna' end up changing someone else's header instead ov' mine...hee!!hee!..I'll e mail my password to you!!...

awwww..thaaaanks!!!..Yours is the first birthday gift I got!!! said...

infini - ha ha ... so true. and ... like ... maybe its time to grow up? just maybe .... lol.

luxi - cool. i will work on it tomorrow (thursday) afternoon or evening ... k?

hey - its your birthday, soon? how cool is that? digital flowers for your birthday! hee hee.

Lady Prism said...

oh' no rush!!..thank you!!

Mayden' s Voyage said...

"How soft the music of those village (Church) bells,
Falling at intervals upon the ear-
In cadence sweet! now dying all away,
Now pealing loud again and louder still,
Clear and sonorous as the gale comes on,
With easy force it opens all the cells-
Where memory slept...


Hugs friend- you are in my thoughts and prayers-
-Cora said...

luxie - all done!

cora - what a lovely passage. and it echoes my sentiments perfectly. the bells here ring each saturday morning and then sunday before the 'high mass' and then each tuesday evening.

whenever i am home here and i hear the bells i throw open my window (regardless of how friggin cold it is , lol) or i just go outside, sit in the park across the street and (if its evening) watch - thru the bell tower windows - the bell ringers pull the cords that make the bells ring. the vibrance of the melody of bells just mezmerizes me.

thank you, friend, for thinking of me. i feel it. and ... i'm still 'keepin on the sunny side ...'


Infinitesimal said...

six months just passed today

save for the occasional glass of white wine (like, 3 or 4 in six months)

and the occasional PRN for a headache


six months

just passed

I wanted to get a chip or something, you know, form those meeting places, but I am pretty sure you have to have absolutely zero booze to qualify.

I keep having dreams about puffing you know? it's weird because sometimes i say yes and am so disappointed, it's a relief to wake up.

And so, six months, just wanted to share it with you. Really absolutely no desire to go back either, ever. Feels great. said...

hey ... congrats! i'm soooo proud of and happy for you!

the thing for me is getting my shit (read: priorities) straight ... not so much the actual puffing (aside from not gorging on it ... but that goes to life priorities.).

love to ya.


K9 said...


dont be alarmed if you start coughin a lot. its part of the clearing up.

/grrrr said...

k9 ... so - it takes one to know one, don't it? hmmmm - 'muse of dichotomous' indeed! i like your dichotomy ...

about the coughing - yes. it will continue for awhile, i'm sure.

are ya gettin' away to your forest for the weekend? hope you are. drink it in for us all.


Enemy of the Republic said...

Just linked you friend. Now to read all your blogs! said...

hey ETOR ... nice to see you back. this here's the meat of my blogs ... so to speak. the others are just .... periphery.

i loved your photo montage/slide, in which you depict grace. it inspired me to make my own .... i awoke to the sound of the bells again - jubilant bells. wishing some of that jubilance rings in your heart.