Saturday, February 03, 2007

a week in review

Saturday, February 03, 2007
i have no does or stags in my back yard
i have no back yard
i have a park, across the street -
cathedral park
its frequented by homeless people that shit or piss there
when they cannot get to a more suitable latrine
its frequented by seagulls - my friends,
and pigeons - my friends, also, to a lesser extent,
and, for the past few days - 2 male geese.
the gulls recognize those humans who bring them food.
who says birds are stupid??
i say ... humans are the stupidest creatures ever to walk the earth!
oh - and this park also has the occasional racoon visitor, too.

i have been SICK SICK SICK all week.
i do not recall being so sick i could not get my sorry ass outta bed
in a few years. UGH. what a time waster illness is.
and how fucking hard it is trying to regain stamina
that has faded fast these past 7 or 8 days.
all i have done well these past days is SLEEP.
and shiver, and sweat, and shiver some more and sweat some more.

we moved
to the main floor of the same hotel
yippee - no more 3 flights of stairs to climb!
only one, now.
moving while being so sick you can barely walk to the water closet
ain't no fucking fun ... thankfully martin was here
to pretty much do it all, with logan's help.
martin has a job - yippee.
logan does not - grrrrrrrr.
i have a job - i am fucking acing it ...
but working almost FT hours and doing a FT course is a recipe for WHAT???
i will not say that word ... but give you this hint: B_R_-O_T!
i am behind in school.
roxanne may be a brilliant genius who solves mensa puzzles just for fun,
but ... even a genius brain, once fever-rattled, has little or no capacity
for cognition of any kind or organization of any type ...
my assignment is overdue. the universe has bought some time for me, tho -
my instructor has been away since early thursday afternoon
due to a death in his family
sad for him.
maybe not-so-sad for me?
i am almost done a first draft
yikes - pseudocode and more pseudocode!

have fun in the big city, infini!

liked your pics of the does in your yard, mayden!
when we lived in the country a few years back,
we would see lots of does, but they are soooo shy
we never gotta chance to capture then on camera
stags ... saw one once, i think. they are even more shy
than the does.
also, saw a moose yearling once, right in the middle of the gravel road
that was our street
apparently the mother-moose had been spotted on the beach around the corner
also, once saw a big ... BIG ... elk in the middle of the highway
late, late one night - when driving home from work
i covered my eyes - thought for sure we would end up wearing
this very large make elk as an oversized hood ornament.
we did not. i'm told it slowly moved away from the highway.
and that's my story.

one more detail ...
its cool being in this new room
which happens to be
right by the pay phone
i like to hear my son
talk to his friend-who's-a-girl-from-ohio
b/c then i get to find out what's REALLY
going on in his life ....
its NOT like a 21-year male
will ever really tell his parents
what's truly going on in life
for him.

oh the joys of parenting
the hardest things about it
have nothing to do with childbirth or pregnancy
and that is A FACT.
women who see their worth as
contingent upon the fact that their cervix dilated
to allow passage of a tiny human thru their canal
indeed, should get their fucking heads a shake.
ok. for real. that's it.


Mayden' s Voyage said...

I've never seen a Moose- or an Elk! :)
I'm sorry you've been sick- and yet thankful that Martin has been there to help you- and has a job! Yeahhh!

Get well-
I am SO glad you are not alone~

angrypinkmeany said...

me tooooo.

cheers, cora!