Wednesday, February 14, 2007

dead in the water

Wednesday, February 14, 2007
in the water.
it was.
a bird.
in the fountain-pond thingy.
a black bird. floating.
i did not see it at first.
neither did M
we sat on the edge
of the concrete wall
in cathedral park -
the east side of the park
and we started puffing.
and then i looked down
at the water.
and i saw it.
it looked like a baby vulture
because its head had no feathers
and looked pinkish
M called it a raven
he walked over to the
broken umbrella, discarded
just a few feet away from our spot
and grabbed said umbrella,
then reached into the pond
and scooped the dead bird out,
and then discretely placed all
in the garbage bin.

why do i find it
so disturbing
to see a dead bird?

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