Sunday, February 11, 2007

i will NOT snort COCAINE again!

Sunday, February 11, 2007
days of agony
hath i suffered
at the hands of
my decision
to insufflate
... the white stuff ...
... and ....?
for what?
for about 3 hours
of a buzz
a mostly
buzz -
that scorching sensation
of the nasal mucosa;
that irritating
and obstructive
nasal congestion;
suddenly a challenge.
its just not cool to
have conscious awareness
one's own breathing.
and then, there's
the lingering fever -
on again, off again;
fever brain makes one sooo
restless, unfocussed,
unable to cognate, really.
and the agony -
its still not passed -
well not entirely.
it lingers -
in my gut, now.
and my nose -
still feeling allergic
and mildly congested.
the fatigue -
its fading
the sneezes
that feel like
they may accompany
some vomit
still linger,
tho they are
fading, too.
but never
the lesson
i have learned.
once again,
i have learned
the hard way.
i do not
on ever
this stuff

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