Monday, February 19, 2007

a wolf and a moose

Monday, February 19, 2007
why wolf? as a child in swiss boarding school M - always the smallest - earned the nickname 'petit loup,' which means 'little wolf' in english. wolf - curious, peristent, a social creature that mates for life. i have a wolf, the love of my life ... my universe.

why moose? for my 37th birthday, i requested from M only the simple gift of a stuffed animal from build-a-bear. a moose is what i received. the moose accompanied me on my very lonely sojourn in this urban wilderness. i clung to him @ night, and during many lonely times. as though moose somehow had captured part of M's spirit to carry with me.

and that is the story of a wolf and a moose - the loves of my life.

[following is something i posted in my myspace blog, the first weekend after M's arrival in vancouver.]

we stood in cathedral park, enjoying each other's company (after 11 weeks apart) and also sharing a joint. we looked on, as we saw the reason the cathedral bells rang so jubilantly at 10 am on an ordinary saturday morning. a bride and her entourage poured out of the church. of course, the bride looked like a princess, in her white dress. and it occurred to me. how truly blessed am i. i did not have a princess-like wedding dress. or a princess-like wedding. that's because i did not need any of that. i am not just princess for a day - ie my wedding day. i am adored. i am a princess every day.

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Aunty Belle said...

A princess every day? Now , sugar pie, that is the most wise thang to know about yoreself...and it is true. Even iffin' others fergit for a moment, youse still a princess.

A'course, when ya' write about the plank in yore eye, I knows you know that yore Daddy is THE you cain't ever be nuthin' but a princess forever.

Luv your tempalte here--tres cool. I doan know nuthin' bout code and HTML...heck, I can barely type--youse impressive.

Take care of yoreself, honey. said...

hey .... AB!

nice to see you around this haunt! thanx for your kind words. you take care, too.

Anonymous said...


im back from cali. i saw your note. what is your new email i want to write you something but i dont want to see it on the right margin. knowwhatimean?

/K9 said...

hey k9!
woof woof.
i hear ya.
here's the email addy -
please do write ...
you are a connection
that i do NOT want to lose.

i see rotties around
vancouver. ALOT.
they all remind me
of you, dear friend.


love, me.