Sunday, February 25, 2007

my wish for today

Sunday, February 25, 2007
I can't help getting the feeling that we are rodents burrowing underground in our mammoth concrete tunnels, with our shiny metal boxes. My gaze strokes the scarred ravine @ the tracks' edge. peppered with garish yellow plastic crates, discarded clothing that's been tossed on the low lying brush, and assorted other trash. i'm sure if i could see up close, i would see discarded, empty sterile water containers and used insulin needles - a tell tale sign that junkies live here - everywhere ... here. the trees - they bow down, as if in painful deference to skytrain number 234.

misty rain and a velvet gray sky inhaled existence today. the world felt hollow - emptied of vibrance. i felt like a solitary, flaming magenta lily pad, floating in a murky grey monotone pond. that's what the city makes me feel like. i long for solitude. quiet solitude. and the song of the gentle mountain breeze lazily whispering ancient secrets thru the trees. i long to hear the loudest silence ... the collective silent sigh of the forest. and ... i long to see those brooding summits. and, most of all ... the crisp salty scent of the water's edge. and to hear the sweetest sound - the fretful sighing of my beloved pacific ocean.

quiet. peaceful solitude. that is what i wish for. right @ this moment.

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K9 said...


well im sending the mountain breeze your way. i loved this one, evocative descriptions- its the polar opposite of the post you commented on last night but similar is sensibiltiy. us two sadge's.
(you know what im talking about?) im off to hike along the streambank. wish you were here. thanks for your visit. looks like were both addicted to blogging.


Infinitesimal said...

i wish for 10 million bucks and my own private island (tropical of course)

oh, and a cabana boy, make that, cabana man.

and rum.


rum. said...

sages ... yes - we two are that, dear k9. indeed, it describes a scene which is quite the opposite of your lovely forest post. its the sentiment i got as soon as i descended into the skytrain (what we call subway here) tunnel/station.

i am so glad we reconnected. we are so like-spirited. and yes, complete blog addicts. this is an art form, this blogging, ain't it?

infini - haha. you make me laugh.

enjoy your sunday, you 2 and everyone!