Sunday, February 18, 2007

the sacredness of birds

Sunday, February 18, 2007
i have a sort of quiet, hidden passion for birds. really. why? they have wings. wings that take them to heights, views and places that we can only imagine. close to the heavens their wings take them. the knowledge their wings afford them gives them a sort of sacred place, i believe. and i have always sort of mythicized that birds are somehow linked to the spiritual world - carrying or guiding souls to their next destination. i feel this in my heart and soul. tho you may think me absolutely INSANE.

so ... here is are some shots i got with my cell phone last week, when i was sitting in the park, smoking a spliff. a gander came out of the pond and walked right up to me, flared his wings, opened his beak and began to honk @ me. just before he could make any sound, i spoke to him in a firm voice - told him he would not bully me. told him to lose the attitude. he closed his wings, stopped honking.

a retreat, of sorts. he lingered by me a little and these shots i got as he began to walk away.

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Lady Prism said... that a pool for zee' birds?
I love birds too..unfortunately in my country you can only find interesting ones in the local zoo..( gawd!) said...

that, indeed is a pool for the birds ... @ least the birds think so!

around here the most interesting birds are out side of the city - eagles, falcons ... etc.