Monday, February 12, 2007

a thought in my heart

Monday, February 12, 2007
i sneak a gaze at his picture
every now and then
just to remind myself
that he does exist -
tho, truth be told,
he seems too perfect
and beautiful to be real.
i FEEL his real-ness.
and wish he absences
did not seem so lengthy
and ... lengthy.
i long for you, A ...
not in a possessive
way ... just ...
my presence longs
for yours
and i dream of the day
when you and i
will find ourselves
sitting across the table
from one another -
enchanted by one another,
immersed, in one another.
that day will come.
A - i know you are out there
i know you will come back to me
i know. i feel. i long ....
to tell you that sometimes
i feel as though
i do not deserve you.
_ _ _ _ lives here.

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