Thursday, November 23, 2006

poodles on speed

Thursday, November 23, 2006
i feel like i'm riding a poodle on speed these days. things that define my life seem to change on a friggin dime these past few days. whew! i am really getting too old for this shit. really, i am. well, i sure am glad i DON'T have a daughter. my son, he's a good boy who doesn't cause his dear old mum - me - any worry or stress. i know that daughters are a right pain in the ass. i can say that - i'm one. ha ha. i'm sorta being flip here, so don't go all postal on me and think i'm expressing misogyny. i'm just being my usual sharp-tongued self.

and that takes me nicely into my next point. i really need to work with machines and software, NOT humans. so - yeah, on this, my 15th or so day here, i find myself in school once again - i start monday. OMFG am i serious? yes. yes i am. oh the life of a student. like, as if i haven't experienced it enough! i know i know. i'm certifiable. but ... it works for me.

ok. now seriously. some philosphizing. about people. about humanity. how much seems like too much to expect from others? do we just assume everyone is a disappointment, a selfish, egocentric prick out for him/her self? that seems rather bleak, negative and hostile. that seems like the perspective of someone who fought the battle and lost. doesn't it? and now - the sticky part. what about siblings? do we expect anything from them? i'm inclined to think so. does that make me naive, or old-fashioned? thinking that i should still approach life with some faith in humanity? i hope not.

i'm curious. what does anyone who reads this, think? and ... does it matter? does it change anything - the way we approach and view other humans? i'm inclined to think it has a big impact on how we, as individuals get perceived by others ... by society at large. really.

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YA LIKE IT? (that's really more of a rhetorical question, btw)


K9 said...

/bark bark bark

i like it! love the art car and you with a "j". grrherha!


Kevin Franz said...

The more cynical we become, he less human interaction we desire...

I like the blog mod!

Ben / Breeze said...

You really asking the question about how we - us - you - me - influence each other? We do. With everything. Action. Words. Thoughts. Think that's a New Age-answer, maybe? Typical Ben? Quite right. But for another perpective: Watch the movie "What the bleep do we know?" Having seen you go through so many moods and asking so many very good questions over the last few months you might get a couple of clicks from it.

mantissa said...

hey guys ... nice to see y'all!

k9 - isn't that herbie car greeeaaat? seriously, i was just walking down robson street and the car was parked there, with some reporter and a dude with a camera interviewing the owner. a group of us were also gather 'round it, taking pics with our cell phones. don't we lurve cell phones with cameras?

kevin - quite right. well said. hadn't ever thought of it like that b4. i like this template. its cute without being all frilly.

ben - you made it here! yeaay. i knoew you would see it that way. i think you're right. we all influence each other. its the way humanity lives in the world.

change. ahhh - i'm a change junkie, aren't i? i'm the one that rearranges my furniture every 6 months at 0200 am! haha. i will scour the movie rental places for the movie.