Friday, November 03, 2006


Friday, November 03, 2006
[NB: addiction, part 2 still to follow.]

something occured to me just now, while watching the CBC morning news. the story of the violence in gaza caught my eye. the governing Hamas put out a call to all women to submit themselves as human shields. human shields - to protect the unworthy asses of those cowardly militants, hiding in a mosque. hiding in a holy place? putting civilians in harm's way? hiding from the israeli soldiers whom they have engaged in gun battle. cowardly ... ANYWAY... in all this, something ocurred to me. what? well, that any society becomes like this [ie like gaza] when they oppose something so much - they forget that for which they stand. y'know? when the entity you oppose becomes that which defines you, you have lost the struggle... and fallen toward darkness.

GRASP the light, people. lest the darkness swallows you whole.