Friday, November 03, 2006

assimilation and resistance

Friday, November 03, 2006
[this post is directed to the incredibly xenaphobic interviewee i saw on a CNN feature report. it is not - i repeat NOT - directed at americans in general. just to the man i heard on the screen. no offense intended - ok? just so you know.]

a man from georgia, on CNN, just told the reporter he thinks its awful that he has to choose a language in which to receive service. that man from georgia says the growing hispanic culture threatens the USA. oh pulleeeese! gimme a break. fuck - i'm disgusted when i hear about cultural encroachment in the USA. and some REDNECK spewing off some verbal diarrhea about the dangers of a bilingual society! fuck d'ya got stones in your heads?! perhaps ... perhaps ... you could get you're head outta your ass long enough to realize that losing that whole borg approach to culture could be good for america?

"you will be assimilated. resistance is futile"

d'yall really think that's a recipe for a healthy society? ok. so ... apparently you haven't heard about switzerland ... ? the folks there have no problems at all with polyglotism. in fact ... it makes them better humans! don't get me wrong - i agree wholeheartedly that illegal immigrants arriving in droves - in some places as many as 100 per day - puts huge financial, social, moral, emotional burdens upon those affected local economies. that said ... the aliens live among you DEAL WITH IT ... WORK WITH IT! embrace it!

so... you have a big problem with mexican aliens - actually you should think of them as refugees of poverty. and then ... hmmm. doesn't it ever make you think -- what can we do to alleviate poverty? to make it better for those people, where they originate, so they don't need to escape? i gotta tell ya ... its fucking repulsive to hear and see a white redneck on my tele screensaying to another human 'these aren't your schools, go home.'

it sorts reminds me of the nazi-like nationalism that rears its head from time to time in germany. they have xenophobes there, too. xenophobes. i know i know. it seems a tad judgemental. but ... i gotta say it. i gotta. i'm the daughter of an immigrant that lives in a country whose infrastructure and prosperity, immigrants built. i haven't forgotten that my dad arrived in this country 40 years ago with $35 dollars in his pocket and the clothes on his back ... that he never collected any sort of social security or unemployment insurance in his life ... that he always worked and paid taxes and still does, even in retirement.

i have not forgotten that new blood keeps old blood vibrant ... living ... honest.
how sad that others don't have such a perspective of humanity. american resistance?
resisting what? resisting humanity?

"you will be assimilated. resistance is futile"