Saturday, November 04, 2006

a picture speaks 1,000 words

Saturday, November 04, 2006

i'm collecting the stories of injured soldiers.
many sources of information tell us about our fallen soldiers.
not-so-many tell us about those who have returned
from the battlefield with a permanent, life-altering injury.
i want to tell those stories.
for, i believe these soldiers, even though they live,
also gave their lives. i want to honour this.
if you encounter such a soldier's story
that you find particularly inspiring,
please share it with me ...
so i can honour the story and the individual.
i aim, with this project, to transcend
national borders, military campaigns, political lines
and, instead, focus upon the human element.

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Lady Dame said...

having troubles sleeping
i know you can relate
where will you be when you get there?
give me your address so i know how to find you

Mayden' s Voyage said...

I love this idea. We are all connected- and all valuable- and this so much more uplifting! Yeahhh- wonderful- thanks for sharing the lives of these soldiers with us!

About your fall~ I am so sorry!!!
Bless your heart...for whatever reason- the Universe is holding you in place for a bit longer.
I know it's hard to wait- and now you are injured- but otherwise safe. There is a reason- we might not ever know what it is...but trust that you were meant to be delayed.
I hope all goes well when you do go~ Hugs and prayers as you travel :)

mantissa said...

hey mayden ...

about my fall - yes. absolute you are right. as soon as i stood myself up after falling i knew why. i will write you about it in my next email.

re: soldiers - i feel really good about this project. i hope that soldiers would, too. because it will mean talking/communicating with them - first person accounts will provide the best information. its remembrance day (like, veteran's day) here on saturday. i will attend the service in vancouver (its held at the war monument in the downtown) ... i'm hoping to get some connections/leads that way.

if you encounter any stories/soldiers such as cpl franklin's ... please point me to them. sadly i know that for every soldier fatality, 2 or 3 are injured, often permanently.