Monday, November 20, 2006

heaven's breath

Monday, November 20, 2006
i sometimes feel it -
heaven's breath,
breathing down on me
miniscule, yet monumental
all at once

a conundrum
of major proportions,
heaven's breath -
sometimes so brilliant
it leaves me wanting for air,
sometimes so despairing
it sucks the life from my blood

can you feel it?
i don't suppose you can ...
its there, pressing
heaven's breath - pressing
all the foolish WORDLY resistance
from my aorta,
from my carotids

heaven's breath oozes
from the sky -
cotton batton dreams
sail on each whisper
of inspiration, of expiration
to this meager, and vulnerable soul.

image: me, taken on the greyhound bus, somewhere between calgary and the okanogan


Kevin Franz said...

great poem... Did you write it?

Kevin Franz said...

This also inspired me to write Part 4 in my series "The hope of life, the crushing blow"

mantissa said...

i did write it. its been awhile since writing any poetry ... usually my poetry is dark, depressing, filled with anguish. this seems less so.

i like your blog. great that inspire somebody!

mantissa said...

my poetry -- warning ... its mostly depressing ...