Tuesday, October 16, 2007

spinsters hanging in trees

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

the artist ~ a spoken word poet
sample some more of her stuff


Lady Prism said...

1) Oooooooo'..cooool...had a fuuun time watching this ha! ha!...felt like dancing with that lady :>

2) I want to thank you for your giving thought about what I posted re kindness. My hubz and I have been talking about your comment in my bloggy...It made quite an afternoon of conversation for us. True..kindness seems to be the most lacking component in our world today...and I have a feeling it has been lacking ever since...no wonder JC said that it was kindness that God wants...not sugar coated donations..

3) I have been undergoing quite a transformation in thinking concerning so much of what I used to believe and what I do now..A lot of it has been brought about by the same searching you have been doing yourself. I find it more difficult to voice my thoughts though..knowing that a few friends here where I am read me..but then I'm beginning to think so what....

3) if you have the time do give me your thoughts about the latest post I did titled "misunderstood". I don't usually peddle my writings but your voice on this particular one is highly appreciated...I'd like to know what you think...

4) I read your posts down..specially your poetry about your son. I had a dream a month ago that my son died...I woke up crying...I couldn't believe I could hurt that way in a dream...it was so real...I'd like to say I know now how your hurt feels..but I don't want to even claim that..only I hope..sincerely hope that even if you carry this pain with you..I'm praying angels come bring you stardust of happy moments to ease your hurt..as this world spins and spins and spins for us..

X. Dell said...

Reminds me of some of the late beatnik poetry, Allan Ginsberg in particular.

Read "Men Min Ming Mang," and stopped it there. I didn't find it offensive, but it made me despair at the gulf between men and women. Sometimes, I wonder if I'm looking back through rose (or male)-colored glasses, but I don't remember it always being this way.

foam said...

wow! appealed to my inner neo spinster..
didn't know i had one until i saw her video. lol

Anonymous said...

I saw myself in her too! he!


the.red.mantissa said...

lux and foam ~ i guess that's why i liked this ... saw myself a little.

x-dell ~ i listened to her other stuff too ... that one i skipped over as well. i do find some pockets of society sort of misantropic (sp?)

lux ~ write me. yeah ... and sorry for hijacking your blog ... just that story i told you about there in your comment made me wonder ... what have we - humans - become?