Thursday, October 04, 2007


Thursday, October 04, 2007
"In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God."


The cone nebula struck me ~ in it I imagined the image of Christ ... I imagined looking at the back of his head, watching him, from behind, as he hung his head in utter pain and despair, as he suffered so. When I saw the image of Christ ~ the art piece ... I somehow felt it belonged with the nebula. The redness of the nebula gives the image a gory hue. It also casts an ethereal, divine light on the face of Christ. Described as a star-forming pillar of gas and dust, it makes me think of the formation of Christ, as opposed to his destruction. The image ~ my composite, collage image ~ provokes thoughts of creation ... and what it must look like, if one could picture it, in God's realm.

I want to write more about this image ... about the feelings it provokes in me ... about wisdom I could glean, for my own Self. I will return ... to write about that tragic, yet passionate, rubric and divine solitude which embraces Christ, in this image. About the loneliness, the yearning of a droplet for its source. About happiness getting in the way, deterring us from our true goal ... the peace of truth.

Does all time occur at once? Do we consider the fact that the universe moves ... think of the night sky as a snapshot in time, as opposed to a map of stars, which we would no longer find in those spots we now see them? Do we consider that the light of each of those stars in the sky took thousands of light years to travel to our very retinas? And ... yet, all time could possibly occur at once?

Some food for thought. And feeling. And living. And breathing. I'll return.


eric1313 said...

I love that picture, I have one like it downladed here, somewhere.

I've alwasy thought, too, about how we are able to witness creation happing thousands of years after it is happening in whatever specific part of the universe.

We're lucky that the stars tell us stories and always find new ways to get us to ask our own.

A beautiful post, as always.

peace out said...