Monday, October 29, 2007

broken winged birds

Monday, October 29, 2007

I finally figured out a way ...! to get one of my flash movies uploaded to youtube! My flash movies are now uploaded to my youtube site ~ link here. So, yeah, that's what that is ~ my favourite one ... maybe a little macabre. But, as she says dead birds sort of provide a metaphor for the fragility and finitude of life, existence.


X. Dell said...

First off, thanks for the link to your YouTube page. I finally got a look at the Star Trek, video, and I now understand better the point you're making.

The video disturbs me. I understand death, but pain and suffering is another thing.

I don't knw how final death is, yet (none of us will, until we get there). But I understand where you're coming from. said...

The dead birds? yeah ... they're disturbing ... that's the effect I was going for. The star trek/borg? I like the metaphor and the theme of the borg.

Death ~ final for those left behind. Indeed, we know not about what its like for those who die. Death has fascinated me ... for years. Its like, they pass beyond a veil ... they seem so close ... and at the same time millions of light years away.

foam said...

it's almost surreal in it's realness.. said...

indeed, it is.

Anonymous said...

it is disturbing. and effective. keep've inspired me to learn flash...but im just now getting going with imovie. (come by and see my mute monday video...very peaceful) i NEED to build my artists website...i let my rep do it all and now I AM the rep...sheesh it never ends. i see el doktor thrusday.
how are you?

-she too lazy to sign in said...

hey ... just sloooooowly comin outta the woodshed. learning dreamweaver. kewl. how's the old C-spine?

yeah ... i know i gotta write you. i will.

eric1313 said...

I think the metaphor can be spread out to much more than fragility of life.

It can mean hopelessness, the ability to fly is no more there, and will be no more again.

It can be a metaphor for loss of passion or desire, whether in physical ability, or artistic ability.

The broken wing brings this home even more--something prevented from being its potential, or simply, from being what it truly is.

None of these are too different from the metaphor for fragility or finitude of life. But distinct flavors of loss, all the same.

Take care, Mantissa. said...

indeed, you are right, eric.