Sunday, October 14, 2007

death has two faces?

Sunday, October 14, 2007

two sides of the same coin
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ahhh. i cannot take credit for this brilliant image. but, it amused me so, that i felt compelled to share it. and thus, move on from the woe-is-me post below. think of this as an early hallowe'en.

i'm feeling socially militant these days.
expand the post for some links to some sites designed to inform us all.

iraq body count
Amnesty International
create change
empire of debt
muslim refusenik
faith without fear


foam said...

just basically dropping in to say hey! i'm familiar with a couple of these links. thanks for providing them. i read your below post, btw.


X. Dell said...

Informative post. With our fascination of "smart bombs" and other mythical creatures, we're not happy to read about civilian deaths. said...

foam ~ hi backacha. thanx for reading that.

x-dell ~ indeed. and how sad. it seems many who do see the numbers somehow justify it to themselves, and that's even sadder.

X. Dell said...

Actually, they deny the numbers. In a pinch, any Freudian defense will do. said...

indeed. many like to kick freud in the nuts ... but we all appeal to him in a pinch, don't we.

denial ... it works for the neocon machinery, don't it?