Tuesday, December 05, 2006

stoopid headlines

Tuesday, December 05, 2006
  1. bush agenda came 1st for Bolton at U.N - like ... DUH ... anyone with a brainwave could figure that one out!
  2. US not winning Iraq war ... double DUH ... oh yeah, thanx bob gates, we hadn't yet figured that one out ... and we definitely needed that clarification!
  3. underweight women more likely to miscarry ... you don't say? FUCK do you think we are that stoopid? like, once again this should be obvious!
  4. transfats banned in NY ... oh. ok and so, given the huge success rate of prohibition in our society, we all know this will definitely eliminate obesity ... NOT.
  5. flying table hurts jackie chan ... like, that's news? anyone standing around an airborne table deserves to get hit ... that's called natural selection. it ensures the IDIOTS don't survive ... and hopefully they haven't reproduced before their idiocy kills them off!

ok. that's it. that's enuf STOOPIDITY for one day.