Tuesday, December 26, 2006

beautiful words i DID NOT write

Tuesday, December 26, 2006

A kiss cannot travel inter-galactic,
It spans only the touch-duration.
Eternal-youth is merely a myth.
We all are dying - green and young.
You need music to celebrate your passions,
You need not sing yourself.
Only time is immortal,
Every other thing must go back to the elements.
Nocturnal proximity kindles desire, and,
Breeds expectations more than we can handle.
Remember, pleasure can only cajole you into dullness of sleep.
The pains keep you awake,
Sensitive to acuteness of perceptions.

Place your right index finger gently o'er your left carotid,
(because left is closer to cardium),
perhaps on your left brachial,
or the left radial - if you wish so,
and then let the tactile modality listen to the rhythm.

Is there an alien gallop,
a certain hyperkineticity,
a few dropped beats or,
for that matter, a few ectopics?
Is there anything that is at variance
with the sino-atrially directed synchrony?

If you find one don't call for an electrocardiogram,
don't reach out for the echo either.
Try to decode the encrypted malady -
perhaps it is the reawakening
of a hibernating passion for words -
words sans wisdom, sans values, perhaps.

But those worthlessly magnificent symbols
can change you -
from the deepest core of sadness
you rise
to relish the unbearable lightness of being.
You discover light
in the darkest blackhole
and life changeth.

**these words written by anupam bhattacharjee,
and brought to you by me**

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K9 said...

/bark bark bark

thanks for the card grrrrrrrrl. youre a sweetheart in a flak jacket. grrrherhaha. have you seen the art of andy goldsworthy? i think you would really like it. all made from nature. the heart of rock reminded me.

YES james brown seemed too intense to die. got that right. lived pretty long for a hard livin' sukka.....gives some of us hope ya know.


angrypinkmeany said...

haha ... love that ... "sweetheart in a flak jacket" ... i may use this something!

i will check the goldsworthy stuff.

have a great new year's ... stay outta trouble, pup!


K9 said...

/bark bark bark

you are the muse of dichotomous existence. the dual nature grrrrrl.

happy new year to you too. we stay in. its "amateur night" grrherhehaha great night to get a ticket or into trouble of some kind so just say NO to NYE.