Wednesday, December 06, 2006

read my lips, you morons!

Wednesday, December 06, 2006
split up iraq

it worked for the former yugoslavia ... didn't it?

and if you held a seance
to contact sir winston churchill
who, incidently formed iraq in the first place,
he would likely tell you the same thing
so ... because i know you're slow on the uptake
i will repeat



Lady Prism said...

LOL!...Oh gosh!..You said this with such energy!..I could actually see you standing in the middle of the world yelling this..with Iraq actually stopping whatever it's doing to heed your order!..

How's everything?..My life is actually crazy..I don't show it in my bloggy writings...but I feel crap..I just laugh it away though...gosh..if I were anywhere near you I'd give you a call and ask if I can actually drop by...I think of you even if I don't write thinking what could be happening..what your surroundings look like.....

mantissa said...

hi luxie ...

i appreciate the thoughts. my life is a daily challenge and i just deal with each overwhelming hill as it comes. it sucks that i'm here and my hubz is two times zones and away. absolutely sucks. mostly i feel as though another nervous breakdown is just lurking around the corner. waiting for weakness.

my surroundings ... vancouver is a wonderful place. i love it. but - so much pain and poverty concentrated in a tiny area of downtown ... and i travel thru it each day to and from my classes. but the natural setting ... the towering, mossy trees, the green grass, the ocean ...

and the sound of the gentle rain. ahhhh ... i love it. i just go and sit in a nearby park ... plunk myself on a bench near a towering tree and smoke my joint. these days that is how i find myself.

i really do wish i could stand in the middle of the world and yell this and that everyone would stop what they're doing and listen and take note and do what needs to be done.

ah ... but i am dreaming ... aren't i?

now ... if only i could figure out how to get me one of those newest mac laptops ... the one's that can run windows xp ... if there was a santa he would bring me that. hahaha. but there isn't so i will just hafta to work a little harder to get it for meeself ...

cheers, girl.