Saturday, March 04, 2006

list of 4

Saturday, March 04, 2006
sigh ... tagged again!

this time by contessa v. infinitessima

alright, then ... here goes:

4 things/people that make me smile:
  1. p271828
  2. the smile of another
  3. an email or letter from a long lost friend
  4. thoughts of my babies when they were wee bairns!
4 ways to win my heart:
  1. clean hands and fingernails
  2. intelligence (c'mon, ya gotta keep up!)
  3. write me a (love) letter
  4. share with others who have less
  5. be real (NO PRETENSES!)

4 things i believe in:
  1. the big bang theory
  2. that there is no god
  3. unicorns
  4. humanity's immense capacity for destruction
4 things i'm afraid of:
  1. grief
  2. the sound of footsteps behind me (when i can't see who's making them)
  3. that my headache is really a brain tumor or aneurysm
  4. aging alone (widowhood)
  5. regret
  6. heights
4 things/people/places i want to see right now:
  1. jim
  2. my late sis: just for an hour
  3. amsterdam
  4. vancouver, canada


Infinitesimal said...

Hi thanks for doing it. I fear the brain tumor thing too. But it is not. We hope....

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