Saturday, December 22, 2007

Thoughts of You

Saturday, December 22, 2007
My heart talks to yours ... throughout the course of my day. I have this silent, running dialogue with you, going on inside my head. And ... I get a chill when I think of that way you say to me ... "Hello, girl." The only thought that thrills and chills me more than that? The visual thought of the expression which your face wears at the moment of your orgasm. And the memory that surges through my body when I recall the mass of energy and beauty which you injected into me.

I watched a documentary about a pilot called Mark; he was having quite a challenge attempting to fly a Beech 18 C-45 Expeditor. Anyway, it made me think of you, and remind myself to ask you about your flying/piloting days. I feel the time drawing near ... nearer to our time of reunification. It no longer feels like a distant and unattainable pipe dream. In fact, these days it leads me to thinking about ... what, exactly, is on your mind, and in your heart ... these days. I feel quite assured that I know ... really know (like few others do) what's blazing there, inside your heart. Still, darling ... I will not rest completely assuredly until I feel your arms around me and your beating heart pressed against mine.

I feel quite lonely without you. Despite the company of others. And ... sometimes, because of the company of others. Music makes the aching, thirsting feeling I have for you so much worse. The only thing that completely erases it, is the sound of your voice. Though it exasperates you so, please only tell me and show me over and over again ... that you love me ... that you miss me ... that you have not forgotten me.