Monday, December 31, 2007

Laughter - The Best Medicine

Monday, December 31, 2007

Ever heard of Ron James?
He is one fucking funny Canadian.
While your head is hurtin'
this morning or whatever ...
have a listen.
You will laff your ass off.

Ron James on Guns - click to listen
Ron James on Airport Security - click to listen

Now watch Ron rant about computers

Now he's ranting about smoking/jogging


X. Dell said...

The airline security gags were precious. That screaming purple-face kid was too much.

The videos were a riot too, even though my computers aren't Model Ts. They're Stanley Steamers. said...

ron james is just one funny guy; i love his wit and humour b/c it's intellectual in a way. and he is the quintessential canadian ~ a smartass, a cynic ... don't we all wish we could give out computers a good boot once in a while?

happy 2008, x-dell.

X. Dell said...

Getting excited as the moving day looms closer and closer? said...

yes ... though i have been in a 'blue' fog over the holidays and it is only now wearing off, so i am quite sure i don't realize how close the day actually is ... of course i'm quite the procrastinator and so .... i have no end of mundane little things to do.

boneman said...

yes, you are correct!
Funniest thing I've seen in a while.
Dang, I was laughing so hard I missed half the broadcast!
I gotta go get him and put the thing on my what to watch blog....


Y'know, they call it WINDOWS cause most folks probably gets fed up with shtuff and toss them out'a their windows....