Saturday, December 08, 2007


Saturday, December 08, 2007
When I watched him walk out of view, past the checkpoint and into the secure area, I felt myself wilt. All the air ~ sucked out of my lungs. I now faced a full 8 weeks without him ~ my pillar. I kept his shirt, last worn next to his skin ... and when I wear it, his scent embraces me. I look at his pictures ... and I marvel at how very much of him the camera's simple image failed to capture in its pixels. And I marvel how how very much of him he left with me. In the still of the night, my heart beats a lonely beat ... in search of its mate.

I know why the Mona Lisa smiles. I'll never tell, though.

I am exhausted, spent, a virtual emotionally frail wreck. I ache for someone I love. I swell in anticipation of seeing that someone very soon. Alas, each moment that passes feels like an eternity of hunger. I cannot see my Beloved soon enough.