Tuesday, December 18, 2007

a few of my favourite things

Tuesday, December 18, 2007
my ~snuggle~ robe

pleasures exotic, by estee lauder

the sound of a certain beating heart

raggedy ann


porcelain faces

Winter Memories II

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eric1313 said...

Hello, Mantissa

I hope the holidays are going well for you, and that people are getting you the gifts that you want/need the most.

Take care

the.red.mantissa said...

oops ... i did forget dogs ...

bad roxanne!

how could i forget dogs?

[ok ... i'm a little distracted these days ....]

the.red.mantissa said...

oh yeah ...

one more thing ...


er ... i hate what its become ~ a friggin commercial, consumption ORGY! its sick and disgusting ... the way people fall all over themselves in an attempt to prove themselves worthy thru quite a phallic display of their wealth via gift purchases. its really, quite frankly, total BULLSHIT.

so, i did not post this list of a few of my favourite things to encourage the whole gift phenomenon ... i don't give christmas gifts and don't get them. this was just a list ... something to break the monotony of being very far away from the one i love.

you're a mean one mr grinch ...

and i love it ...


**¤ ¤** said...

i've been trying to hide from xmas.

i've told folks this year i wanted nothing..
and i meant it.