Wednesday, December 19, 2007


Wednesday, December 19, 2007
Notice: This blog has had a change of heart. It's evolved from some sort of personal diary to a sort of travel and moving diary. Like, a diary about my surroundings. Yeah, like that.

Okay. So, I'm moving. Like, I know I said I wasn't going to move anymore for awhile, but, well, I'm moving across the Atlantic. Yeah, to the UK. No kidding. I leave in just under 3 weeks. I can hardly wait. Now, I'm in the purging phase ~ purging of all the stuff I really do not need to bring along. And just making sure that all my ducks are lined up. Passport ~ December 28th. Luggage ~ yup. In fact, I got a set of luggage (almost brand new, used maybe once) ~ like 5 pieces ~ for $12. HAHA. That's so low, its hilarious. Cool.

Now that I am thinking more of the European societal culture, I am quickly tiring of the culture of Vancouver. It's tiresome. A sort of world unto itself. We should coin a term ~ "Vancouverism" ... to describe the apathetic and zombie-like behaviour of the large majority of Vancouverites. And to describe the absolute bullshit that Vancouverites tolerate ... the corner of Hastings of Main, for instance. And the way that, from the time one leaves one's home, its virtually impossible to avoid being panhandled and/or bullied or harrassed for money, a cigarette or whatever by some homeless junkie. A most popular retort here, in Vancouver? "Whatever."

You see? Precisely my point.

Whatever. [Not.]