Monday, June 18, 2007

why? any thoughts?

Monday, June 18, 2007


X. Dell said...

No thoughts come to mind. They simply look like two co-joined squirrels sharing their nuts.

Mayden' s Voyage said...

In real life- I've never seen 2 squirrels fight for a nut.
I barely seen them interact- one waits while the other is at the bird feeder...then he jumps down and the other has a go at it.

And even though they are rodents of a sort- I've never seen one look angry- or snarl. Actually- they look skittish and dumb.
That's it.

So...the 2 stuffed squirrels (to me) do not represent the reality of this animals nature at all. It reperesents the humans nature.


Anonymous said...

x-dell ~ co-joined and sharing their nuts ... sort of repeating yourself, aren't you? haha. honestly, that's how i took your comment on my first, very cursory read! hee hee.

mayden ~ the only time i've seen 2 squirrels is on bugs bunny, the 2 extremely polite, homosexual squirrels (sorry they seem like they have that sort of ... 'aire' to them). i did hear recently, though of a squirrel that had to be shot because it attacked several people in a small german village. wow ~ squirrel on crack?

i saw this feauture on my favourite show, george had some dudes on that do what's called rogue taxidermy. google the term you will find their site, complete with image gallery. there's some weird lookin stuff there! these dudes could make $ making creatures for hollywood, stage or both.

anyway ... just wondered what possess anyone to make stuff like this? i suppose who am i to judge, and it takes all kinds, doesn't it?