Saturday, June 23, 2007

feeling a little mischievious today ...

Saturday, June 23, 2007
tell me ... why does it seem as though every roxi or roxanne in music/song is a hooker?

in this bad-girl song, roxi passes you the keys you drop on the floor of the movie theatre ... what's she doing on the floor of the movie theatre during a movie? haha. being a bad girl ... that's what! listen .... yeah, i know, its another amcient tune!

oh, but i like it.

and i promise soon, you'll see another post about something intelligent ~ a post about the parents of a murdered teen and how they embraced their daughter's killer. i know ~ i pick the tough ones. but ... if parents can forgive the killer of their daughter ... why can't the rest of us forgive .... just about anything else?


Aunty Belle said...

uh..well...I think I done picked a bad day ter drop by. Youse angry at Microsoft (I hears ya!) and in a bad girl mood/mode'kay, darlin'...Aunty has them days too.

X. Dell said...

I always thought the bad-girl Roxanne might somehow have descended from the fictional character in the play Cyrano de Bergerac. But how it is, I don't have a clue.

Maybe the articulation of the name, the phonetic harshness of it, makes it seem appropriate for bad girls.

Then again, as Mae West said, "When girls go bad, men go right after them."

K9 said...

not to worry:

"those days are over"

Anonymous said...

aunty ~ nice to see ya anyway. :)

i actually think i was named for that character, haha. and there sort of is something erotic/exotic ... about that name. maybe its the x in the middle? haha ... really, i mean that.

and yes, does a man ever like a bad girl. makes me think of that song by billy joel ... the one where he says "...the catholic girls start much too late..."

haha. well, not this one. HA.(my son turned 21 in january and most days i think he has figured out the lesson of life far more than his dad and me have ... how does that work, exactly? lol)


Mayden' s Voyage said...

One of my all time favorite songs by the Police is, of course, Roxanne.
I'm glad to at least one of us with the gumption to write something~
I'm writing...but it's for Cadence- or fleshing out story ideas.

The most recent being about the 3 Spirits...
Here's a question for you- If one believes in Christ- do you believe He was always called Jesus? What form was He before he was a man?

This simple question has led me to wonder all kinds of things here lately... What if Christ was the great Spirit the Indians spoke of?
It would solve the problem of "No man comes unto the Father but by Me"- because the Spirit of Christ could have been many things prior to his birth, and perhaps even his death.

Uh- just wondering here...sorry!
Hope you are having a good week :) said...

mayden~good question ... the eternal mystery of the trinity .... sort of. what i wondered recently is sort of related ... i wonder, if one would assume that jc was divine ... then, would you think it would have hurt ... his spirit, i mean, to be confined to such a dark place as a human shell?

do you know star trek TNG series? the character Q? an omnipotent creature, no beginning, no end. just ... energy that can take any form. perhaps that's it. as form before ... or after jc's mortal life, i wonder if perhaps time in that realm does not exist the way it does for us. i suppose that's my way of saying ... not sure, lol.

i'm gonna start working on your header soon, girl. :)

Mayden' s Voyage said...

I'm so glad you answered this...I should probably send an email- but- whatever :)
I do think JC was divine. CS Lewis said the only thing he could compare the transformation of the Holy form of Christ becoming a tiny wriggly baby in a woman's womb- would be for a full grown man to be transformed into a worm of sorts. And understand all the while what was happening to him.

I loved the character Q! Even though sometimes he was up to no good...somehow I don't see JC with a mean streak- though I do think God has a sense of humor :)

Sigh...I wonder why, after all of these years- it never occured to me that Jesus could be another form- and even have another name...even though it's clear he is referred to as the Bright Morning Star- a Dove...Prince of Peace- He has lots of other names in the Bible.

I don't know- but it's as if the religion I've known all my life has suddenly taken on a new dimension. I'll be chewing on this for a while- if not the rest of my life :)

The worries friend. I'm on a very extended blog break- and I'm just thankful for someone who is willing to even look at the photos I sent :) Hugs- and I appreciate you and your time.

Send me your address when you have a moment. Thanks :)

Lady Prism said...

Read the comments written by the lovely Mayden..

Ahhh'..Roxanne..I wuuuuv that song by Sting..makes me wish my real name were Roxanne..really sexy...hee! hee!...

And ye'..I don't come by often....geez'..if you guys can see the load of everything I do...Bushy gets to ride in the car tomorrow...( he says hi to ya'..and asks if you have any of gravy over there..and'..he digs the purring cat..)...we move outta' here in the evening....

I like it here..feels like I can put my feet up with my arms around my head and views on God and religion and the whole deal on everything has mellowed...can't say I have it figured..only accepted that God is matter who calls it what...and that He loves us matter what we call us what...

Do you have a beer???

Anonymous said...

bushy ~ lotsa gravy over here ... lol. be sure not to barf in the car, bushy or mama wouldn't be too happy. and keep those teeth to yerself there, cutie!

luxie ~ best wishes with the move. yuck ... moving sucks and you will be glad when its all over! i agree with you on the g-d thing.

take care ... :)