Friday, June 22, 2007


Friday, June 22, 2007
/grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr ...... and .... GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR ....ok. what's your first clue that i am PISSED OFF?
fucking microsoft ~ godddamned BIG BROTHER of the digital world.


how fucking DARE THEY? how dare they STRIP AN ATTACHMENT from my email, sent to myself? what's up with that bullshit? so, now i cannot send some fucking benign c-sharp code to myself in a .txt file, attached to my hotmail email account? what gives?


i will say it again. MICROSOFT SUCKS.

fuck you, microsoft and everything that's not a mac. FUCK, do i ever hate the non-mac world today! and check the side bar for the linux penguin, doing what i dearly would LOVE to do right this minute - beating that fucking microsoft butterfly! go tuxie, go! swat that pesky vermin!

... grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr ...
[that's tuxie growling] didja know that penguins GROWL? yeah, they do.

:) well, on the bright side, at least i have a mac (actually, 2). HA HA.


K9 said...


i was just kvetching myself about the big brotherness of itunes...the you can only burn this purchased music 7 times. AYFKM? then what incentive do i have to play by the rules when i can download for free thru my p2p a file and burn at will?

but in general, its god to be mac, 99.9 of viruses are writtne for windoze.

good to see ya girrrrl xoxoxo

K9 said...


"good" to be mac. i hope vanille doesnt read that she thinks everythings a freudian slip said...

precisely. i wonder, what morons think these things?

freudian slip? hell yeah. mac-ly-ness is next to godliness!

haha. nice to see you too.

Anonymous said...

he!he!he!he!he!..okay..I'm one with you on the fck the micro thing..he!e!..Would luv' to have a mac someday...maybe soon..yeah..why not?..

Just dropped by too to say "hi"..can't stay long though I'd luv' to...went house hunting and found one to move into by busy is me as well...

anyways..I have you in mind..stay cool!..Will be in touch someday soon...:>


X. Dell said...

I'm a Windows user and I dislike Microsoft. It's sometimes invasive, and smug about its strong-armed tactics--which are often unjustified, from what I found out. The Windows Genuine Advantage can play havoc with your system if you're not careful. Worse yet, it's major-league aggressive.

I have a Mac too, which I only use as a stand-alone. It's a pain to surf with.

K9 said...

xdell: even with firefox/mozilla?

X. Dell said...

She, it's not because of the browser, but because of the fact that it's a Mac Quad--way too primitive for a fast runthrough of the net. I started out as an Apple user (Apple II--which I still use on ocassion), but in order to convert all the stuff I did before 1999 to Windows, I need the Mac. I wouldn't think of taking it online, however.

Anonymous said...

luxie ~ urgh ... moving. better you than me. i have moved something ridiculous, like 6 or 7 times, in the past 12 months. yuck!

thinking of you ... stay cool, girl. its all just stuff, y'know?

x-dell ~ well said. strong arm. indeed. well, once i again i reminded myself ... wow. an old mac. greherhaha, as she would say.

the first computer i ever used was pre-windows, when macs were those cute little boxie things. remember waaaay back then? @ at the university, they still had unix running on their network ... all that telnet shit. 'member ....? yeah, and then windows 3.1 came out ... but it was still the sort of thing you had to run from the console, unless you were a nerd and could figure out how to add to your system configuration files. ahhhhh ~ now i just plug and pay. haha. love it.

except at school~ grrrrrrr.


Antonio Andolini said...

I've just installed a linux on my laptop... :)

Joel said...

The companies in my industry are also hurting from high cost of Windows OS and MS Office. The problem is, we just can't use open source software. The interface is a big problem.

Anonymous said...

antonio ~ bravo. nice to see another that has not succumbed to the microsoft mind-hive ("think ... you will be assimilated ... resistance is futile ...")

joel ~ gotcha. that's a problem ... what's the solution for companies such as this? clearly, the borgs at microsoft know this and count on it ... grrrr. i love mac, but i suppose its deficient/not suitable for some business purposes.