Friday, June 08, 2007


Friday, June 08, 2007
SALT: "something that adds freshness and piquancy."

I have this sense that yours is a very old soul ... that your spirit has travelled, cycled through the universe of life for a long time. i'm not sure why .... there's just something about you that tells me this; it intrigues me. i believe that people have had past lives. my sense tells me you have had many. just wanted to mention that to you.

and thus began my forging. of this connection. that i know. as in ... knowledge from a past life. he asked me 'how do you get that sense about me?' and i answered, 'i just know. i don't know how. i just know.' and then he quietly admitted to me that indeed, he does feel like an old soul. i feel so much light and wisdom glistening in this man's spirit.

i now have a real visceral knowledge of how spirit and energy influence our perception of another human ... right down to rating how they look. a purely, radiant intellectual/spiritual connection. nothing carnal. the connection transcends that dimension. and we discussed. and shared. ideas ... sentiments about spirit ... life ... being. reincarnation. and the connection flowed like liquid honey. sweetly and golden.