Tuesday, June 05, 2007

things that BUG me

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

the fucking war on drugs

oh yeah, pick up that beer ... its legal, after all.
we doan need to know why~ jest that it is,

guns & weapons

oh yeah, babes .... i am awaitin' that day, flipper, my friend!

cell phones and the f*cking GNATs that obssess over 'em

can you read?
then SHUT YER F*cking phone OFF!
or at least put it on vibrate
yeah ... vibrate ... woohooo ....
[so nokia makes vibrators, too? who knew?]


X. Dell said...

You know, I'm convinced that a cell phone's biggestdream is to go to the movie theatre and interrupt the good parts.

Funny signs. Thanks for stopping by my place. Funny stuff here. I like it, although I've never really known a muse of the dichotomous before.

foam said...

those signs are a hoot.
you have some cool nifty how-to's listed below. i'm a gonna have to come back and check them out again.

the.red.mantissa said...

x-dell~i think you may be right! my visit to your place was looooong overdue. thanx for comin' here ... 'muse of dichotomous' ~ our dear puppy k9 coined that one to describe me ... hee hee. clever .... ain't she? excuse the pun ... lol.

foam~i like the dolphins, personally. lol. i am a sucker for blog how-to's and tweaks ... i love that stuff. i figure maybe some of its actually useful to some out there ... lol ... other that for my own self stimulation. haha. r u enjoying your summer leisure time?

K9 said...

agreed on all three fronts!! go porpoises. i am bugged big time by the pay to swim with the dolphins thing. what? you are going to profit by allowing people to squeal and coo and pet trapped creatures? how f*cking souless can it get?

somebody ought to develop a device that renders cellphones within a certain radius useless. in a museum recently a girl walked around and talked loudly in her cell phone the whole time. like we should be subjected to that inane conversation. how freaking selfish or unware can a person get. but like a dumb animal i did nothing except indulge some homicidal fantasies. grrherhaha *jus kiddin*

man im all fussy cause i miss my dog.

sent you a card red.
nice thought on marriage skin as well.

the.red.mantissa said...

grrrrr about the museum. that bugs me .... i honestly HATE that. like, yeah, i wanna wanna wanna hear all about your obnoxious, dumbass exchange with your cronies! honestly .... and those people that strut around with bluetooth headsets? they look like delusion~ like they're talkin' to themselves ... and do they ever watch where they're walkin? NO. WHY NOT? grrrrr. i would likely be a dumb, silently fuming animal too ... but ... hmmmm .... i'll bet that martin would not. and that thought amuses me.

don't they have rules about cell phones in places like museums? like ... did we pay admission to hear some valley girl talk into her cell phone with all the inflated self-importance she could muster?


the.red.mantissa said...

hey - your dog? what's with your dog? where's she at? that's no good.

pretty soon it'll be time to get me a mini schnauzer. why that breed? cos they're small--like, small enuf to fit in a l'il doggy (tote) bag to cart around ... and they make good mousers ... and they're scrappy - don't take sh!t from no one!

its almost been a year for us ... since brownie. martin's not ready yet. however ... i AM.

love to you ...

can't wait to get your card. your letter/card/whatever is still a thought in that crazy head of mine.

Mayden' s Voyage said...

If someone is near me and speaking loudly on their cell phone- I get close to them and start singing (loudly) an old hymn.
I am totally serious.

You have never- ever- in all your life- seen anyone do anything they can to get away from you if you start belting out
"What a friend I have in Jesus".
I have done it...will do it- and it works brilliantly.

If you know any rap songs, or heavy metal- those work too ;D

TRY IT... You'll see! There is no law against public singing. (but don't do it too loudly in a theater!)

Infinitesimal said...

And THAT.....

is why she is my Puddin' twin.

the.red.mantissa said...

mayden~ i left a comment but blogger ate it. grrrr. hahaha~i could totally see you doing that. you and me gotta do some hangin' out some day girl! this town's full of cell phones ... it'd be a blast to dust off those old hymns!

infini - haha. how's it goin', girl?