Tuesday, April 10, 2007

another vision of the baron

Tuesday, April 10, 2007
an excerpt from an email to a dear friend of the man who died 28.3.7:

I had another tiny experience, yesterday when i stopped to sit in the park
and scratch a little inspiration into my writing journal. I got some thoughts
about Lance, Susan, You, and the whole passage from life to death issue. And so,
i had to stop and write a few words down, before they disappeared .... as got
deep into my thoughts and as the scribbling got furious - the feelings intense -
i received a visit from the loveliest and most beautifully unusual bird. Just a
single one. It swooped down and landed mere inches from my feet. (I had no food,
still it stayed so close to me, physically).

This bird - a raven-black pigeon - all lovely, shiny black, save for the beautiful ring of iridescent purple around his neck. His eyes had a warm and glowing golden chestnut colour and his legs, a lovely bright red colour. He appeared to me, a most ravishing,
most striking and stunning specimen of a bird. (I should say that I dearly love
birds and believe they have some sort of supernatural connection to the spirits
of the recently decease - call me Krazy if you like .... I just have that belief
.... about birds). I have this sense my lovely visitor was Baron's presence,
lurking about. He lingers, perhaps, to sprinkle some measure of peace onto those
he loves - I am a conduit, perhaps? Or someone who has peaked his curiosity in a
time of transition?