Sunday, November 16, 2008

silly kitties

Sunday, November 16, 2008

check the blue cheese blog for today's weekly post.
also, check the never shower in high heels blog for recent updates.


foam said...

ya just gots to lol at lolcats ..

Jo said...

Where did you get those pictures? LOL

I couldn't find "import" and "export" in settings. Hmmm....

Lady Prism said...

Hee! hee!

Hey Frizzy how are you?
Are you in England or Vancouver?

I remember you being all that personas' you talked about above. It was fun reading you then. So much has happened through the years....

Take care of yourself and have a happy week!

wulfine said...

foamy ~ hee hee
jo ~ found the cats @ icanhascheezeburger

go to draft blogger ... then once in draft blogger, go to settings. you will see the import/export buttons.

Prism ~ right now in Vancouver ... working on getting back to EU ... but I have some healing to do first.

Dr.John said...

Cats can be rather funny .