Wednesday, November 12, 2008

bus stop

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Bus Stop - [The Hollies] - The Hollies

On Monday evening I took a jaunt to the Safeway at Broadway Station to get some kitty food and litter. I walked to the bus stop at Commercial & 14th and then waited for the no. 2o bus. while I waited I took these 5 pictures.

Then found LunaPic, an online photo editor. and so 5 simple pictures inspired the images below.


Jo said...

That's amazing. I like photographs like this. You have a bit of an "edge".

You must live not far from Trout Lake.

I notice a couple of blogs such as yours are set up in such a way that I have to be logged on before I can click here and post a comment. Is that something new?

Tim said...


Dr.John said...

Those are something else. I don't know what else but something.

wulfine said...

jo - yes ... close to trout lake.

the comment thing, i think its because of the new embedded form i'm trying out.

tim ... i had fun with lunapics.

john ... :^) ... it only occurred to me a few hours ago that eviL is Live backwards ... haha.

i think sometimes ordinary things can also be extraordinary.

fyi to all ~ there are more 'wordy' posts in my other 2 blogs ... for those of you who miss or want to read my writing.

love to you all.

firebird said...

Wow! you got something here--beautiful!

I'm so impressed --are these cell phone pix?

wulfine said...

the top 5 pics are the cell phone pix ... the others are doctored cell phone pix.