Wednesday, November 05, 2008

the One?

Wednesday, November 05, 2008
In the wake of Obama's presidential victory I find myself thinking of my old friend Neo and The Matrix. Neo lives in the illusory world of the Matrix. Ahhh, The Matrix ~ a construct of reality developed by the machines which have come to earth to enslave humanity and harvest humans as a source of bio-electric energy. A few humans in this dark world have awareness of their status quo. They exist unplugged from the illusory world upon which many others rely for survival. Legend has it that a human ~ known as 'The One' ~ will end the enslavement of humanity, thus delivering his people to freedom. Neo discovers his identity as this messianic figure. And ... well, the story unfolds.

Now, let's talk about reality. Segregation ... the American South ... the persecution of black people. Forty years ago we mourned the loss of a great man, an inspiring leader. That great man had a dream ~ a dream he believed America would realize ... he had such faith ~ he saw the promised land. Alas, like Moses, MLK did not live to witness that historic moment when his people received their deliverance. It deeply moved me to see Jesse Jackson in the crowd, awaiting Obama's arrival and speech. Why? Because that man, one of many who witnessed Obama became president-elect, also witnessed MLK's assassination. And this, for me, epitomizes the greatness of this achievement.

Has Jesse Jackson come full circle? Have we come full circle? Has Obama delivered his people to their promised land? We have made Obama our Neo ~ a messianic figure that will save us all. Let's remember tho ~ he's no Wizard ... he is but one simple human. And we have placed the burden of our hopes and despairs on his slender shoulders. Can one human carry this heavy cross? And ... I wonder ... can we?. Are we really unplugged enough from the system to really work toward changing it?


benjibopper said...

very poignent questions. after the matrix (great movies) there was really something that didn't sit quite right with me. and with some time and thought i realized what was bothering me was this 'the one' motif: neo, skywalker, jet li, jesus, muhammad, whomever. the one who will save us. there is no one. there are only many.

so i wrote a superhero story about that, but it didn't work out quite the way i wanted.

anyway, your post was astute.

wulfine said...

benjibopper ~ the best way that Obama could 'save us' is by showing us that we can save ourselves ... collectively. indeed, because, there are only many.