Saturday, March 21, 2009

Sacred Life Sunday:A White Stag ~beauty, pursuit, quest

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Various legends exist regarding the white stag … for example in the UK just about every village has a tavern named The White Hart. The loveliest legends and stories about the white stag make him a messenger, a creature that eludes capture by humans, and even a creature which guides the souls of the recently deceased to the other side.

The white stag eludes our capture because he represents our quest for spiritual knowledge and also our capacity to overcome our challenges and difficulties. The accomplishment lies in his pursuit … not in his capture. The white stag seems, to me, a vestige of beauty … a metaphor for our pursuit of life and living.

The many wondrous gifts of living trickle upon us as we journey through this life. I don't see life as a treasure hunt ~ I see life as the treasure. Each challenge I face, each difficulty I overcome becomes a gift to me, a lesson. I've begun to see that I should run toward the challenges and difficulties that present themselves before me, as opposed to running away from them.

The gift of life and spirit lie in their pursuit, not in their capture and imprisonment.

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Jan said...

You have a wonderful gift for glad to have found you. :-) I appreciate your soulfulness...JLL