Friday, March 20, 2009

8 Things ~ I Highly Recommend You Do in Your Teens

Friday, March 20, 2009

Join 8-Things

1. Say NO to him ~ if he really loves you like he says he does, then he will wait. Don't settle for second best. You're worth more than that. Besides, you don't want to get pregnant. Its not as glamourous as Angelina Jolie makes it look.

2. Wear that mini-skirt, that short dress, that bikini, even ~ just pullleeeese, girls, don't make the mistake of thinking showing your undies or parts of your bare ass off in public is a good look. Less uncovered often equals more.

3. Wear sunscreen ~ skin cancer sucks ~ its painful and unattractive. Also, the sun exposure weathers your skin.

4. Get your driver's license ~ even if you don't intend on buying a car. And learn how to drive a standard. Take driving lessons ~ your mum or dad ain't the one to teach you driving, trust me.

5. Look in the mirror and tell yourself you're beautiful ~ in 20 or 30 years you'll look back and see the beauty of your youth. Look closely, the beauty's right there. You're NOT fat. Stop reading that sh!t they put on the magazine stands, like Cosmopolitan. Honey, no one really looks like those girls do. Those girls look like they do in Cosmo because of Photoshop!

6. Stay away from drugs ~ an addiction's the only thing you'll get, if you do dabble in the drug world. Addiction sucks ~ its like having a greedy monkey sitting on your shoulder, obsessing over when she'll get the next banana. Trust me, its never worth the high or the buzz you get.

7. Volunteer ~ its good for you to allocate some of your time to helping others.

8. Read ... and learn how to write ~ reading opens your mind ... it also might even open some doors for you. Research shows that reading promotes the neural connections in your brain and even helps you build new ones.  And writing ~ many people can't write a paragraph or a paper to save their skin. Learn now.

Watch this YouTube video, made by Baz Lurhmann ~ Wear Sunscreen. He says it alot better than I ever could.

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Anonymous said...

Great advice Tinkerbell!