Saturday, March 21, 2009

My Complete Manifesto

Saturday, March 21, 2009

I've discovered the most genuine and compassionate manner in which I can effect change in my surroundings. It involves effecting change in my self first and foremost - challenging my self to compassionate and hostile-free exchanges. I choose a course that involves altering my reaction to the thoughts, feelings and expressions of others.

I choose to remove myself from the presence of negative energy, which manifests itself as: (1) fear philosophy, hostility and obscuring, belief-driven ideology; (2) inflammation and rhetoric; (3) labelling, accusing and the blame game. I choose to 'agree to disagree,' rather than try to change the opinions of other(s).

I choose a path that involves stepping outside the box. I choose challenge. I choose to push the envelope ~ my envelope. I acknowledge dynamism, and the inevitability of change. I choose to make thoughtful and determined choices as to the energy with which I surround myself (read: company I choose to keep).

I choose. it starts with me.

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pen* said...

what a powerful manifesto!
and through your declaration you have set it all in motion... :)

Jan said...

I love your manifesto and I'm celebrating that you were able to put your truest self into words--and to honor her in this way, publicly, for all the world to read. Lovely. I really like your site and will bookmark and visit often. Thank you for visiting my blog too!
Blessings all around!

Janaki said...

Powerful and moving! Thank you for your blog.