Tuesday, August 21, 2007

the moon comforts the night?

Tuesday, August 21, 2007
... so many things arrived upon me today ... here ... and ...

the moon

it is the moon
that has come to comfort
the night,
singing of the mysteries
that lay a moment away
in the days to come,
where even the shadows
are glowing

~simcha wasserman


Paul said...

"Where even the shadows are glowing" - nice image and somehow accurate though paradoxical.

the.red.mantissa said...

the image captured me ... i love birds, particularly doves.

this poem resonates with me, for some reason ... particularly that line.

wishing you a good week, paul.

K9 said...

lovely. so glad this day brings light to you!

the.red.mantissa said...

she ~ didja see mah dawwgie? didja see 'im? he arrived in the mail!

yes ~ the dawn, indeed, can and does blossom from the deepest stalk of darkness. i sent you a lengthy email. take your time taking it all in.

Mayden' s Voyage said...

Loved this...it (the moon) comforts me, it always has.

Curious that you posted this when my deepest concerns for you came upon me while sitting in the dark on my driveway, under a cresent moon last night (stretching after my walk)...I prayed for you- thinking of you being home alone.
I'm thankful that tonight you will not be by yourself.

I have to go make dinner- the natives are getting restless :)
Hugs and sleep well- both of you.

piktor said...

Mantissa, is that the artwork that got lost in the mail? I like it.

the.red.mantissa said...

mayden ~ curious. we are all connected. somehow. hugs back acha.

piktor ~ it is. the artist's name is laura pelick and that is her website, with samples of her work. i love the airy, somewhat spiritual, ethereal quality of her work ... apparently the art was not "lost" ... only hiding out in Customs ...

X. Dell said...

I used to find comfort in the moon. Then I moved to a place where I can rarely see it unless it's full. Maybe I'll someday take comfort again in Luna, as I hope you're doing these days.

the.red.mantissa said...

x-dell ~ we miss the moon and the stars alot in the "winter" because its always so overcast. that's what i loved about manitoba - particularly when we lived out in the middle of nowhere (i.e. out in the country) ... its friggin FREEEZING there and so, always clear at night ... it almost makes you think you could be at the planetarium.