Sunday, May 13, 2007

a vision

Sunday, May 13, 2007
a dream.
a vision, really.
presented to me in a dream.

i have had this vision before.
several times.
since early childhood.
each time ... the same vision.
each time, presented contextually differently.
the vision?


Bathing in Pink Light...
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a glimpse of everything, everything imagineable .... connected appropriately, making perfect sense. throughout my childhood i had this vision ... it re-occured throughout the various stages of my development ... each time manifesting itself within a contextual backdrop i could assimilate ... comprehend. but each time ... with each vision ... i knew exactly what this glimpse represented. and it filled my soul ... it filled every atomic fibre of my being ... with intense joy.

oh! how i wish i had some sort of cognation camera that could help my very eccentric brain network capture this amazing and rare vision of ... everything! but, alas ... one cannot transport such vital and delicate intelligence of the spirit to the corporeal world. and so ... i have this intuitive, subconscious memory of the vision.

some concrete, contextual highlights from my most recent 'everything' vision ~~
  • it started off with software and computers - a context of familiarity and comfort, for me.
  • my programming instructor appeared in this vision; not in the role of elucidation or pedagogy, but as an accompanying presence.
  • some entity, of superior light and energy eludicated for us interconnections between all the components of programming and web development that i currently have involved myself in learning and continue to learn.
  • the connections ... the conceptual connections looked so neat and tidy ... like in a programmer's relationship diagram - you know the kind you make in SQL Server 2000 database management software? well, if you're not a hard core geek like me, then see the image below.

  • ok ... the vision ...
  • then ... the relationship diagram expanded ... in scope, in size ... more variables, more objects of life added, to eventually include ... everything. everything. all interconnected. all of life, existence, the universe ... it all made sense. [how does one describe such a vision? simply, dear reader, its impossible. forgive my paltry effort here.]
  • i recall thinking thoughts and feeling reactory feelings that i can only translate into vibrant colours, vivid images burnt into my memory. imagine the pleasure you derived from seeing an exquisite visual image - some art, a photograph, or a naked-eye view of a natural landscape. [imagine how your best efforts would defy communicating the vision's true beauty and depth. and there you have my dilemma, dear reader.]
  • for those familiar with data typing ... translating what the vision gave me into the corporeal and finite plane of conceptualization -- its like taking a large data type and reducing to one which holds less data. or ... simply put ... imagine trying to stuff your 35-inch TV into a ring box. that's what it feels like.

and so have you my vision of 'everything.'
thoughts anyone?
or perhaps someone out there has had similar visions?
please ... do speak up!


piktor said...

Mantissa, as allways, I am in awe and don't know what to say but I do want to say happy Mother's day!

You write so beautifully! said...

thanx ... for your visit and kind words.

Infinitesimal said...

yes!! a cognition camera!!

i have had a similar experience a few times

once, it was the entire everything for just a moment, an epiphany of enlightenment, and then in a golden tornado, it swirled away....

happy late MD

night night.

XX said...

infini - i figured you have had these ... visions. its not just a dream -- because of the lucidity - i.e. i felt aware that this was not real, corporeal life ... and excited to have revealed to me ... the mysteries of ... everything .. if only for a moment or several.

thanx for the mother's dasy wish ... hope you're well.

love me ...

happpeeeeeeeeeeey monday to all ... !

Infinitesimal said...

it's good when it happens, but sad when you remember it, but can no longer grasp it. said...

i guess ... when i was a child - like 5 or 6 - and i'd forget ... it would make me sad ... now i know i have not forgotten ... just cannot express the vision to others in typical language form ... its intuitive knowledge, y'know?

Leah said...

I've had a sense of this kind of vision before. How wonderful to have the sense of everything on a regular basis!!